Message from Trustee

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Pooja College of pharmacy is established with the mission to provides quality pharmaceutical education to the students, who shall be able to cater the needs of present day industries flooded with knowledge base.

Quality education depends upon knowledgeable, experienced and committed faculty, true-worthy staff and students with willingness to learn. P.C.P. is a place where you can find all.

We consider our self as servers and students as clients. With this sprit, we try to provide best services, so that client not only remain satisfied, but feel attached with heart and soul with this environment.

I am sure that our committed, dedicated, self-motivated efforts will go a long way in producing competent producing competent professional for the service at nation.

I wish you all the best for a very fruit-full sojourn here and hope it will culminate into a fulfilling career for each of you and feel yourself as with full grown up personality with character and moral values-a reward for us.